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by Full Measures

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Two song promo for the full length set to be released early 2017.


released November 29, 2016

Produced entirely by Josh Novak
Artwork by Josh Novak



all rights reserved


Full Measures Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Severed Ties
We were like brothers
And we had each other's backs.
Friends until the end.
That's what was said.
Then it all changed
When you pissed on friendship
What happened to the past?
What happened to commitment?

You learned to lack.
You spit on me
And that's the fact.
Cast aside,
Like fucking trash.
I'm through with you.
Now the past is the fucking past.

I'm sick of you and I'll spit on the past
And if shit gets deep I won't have your back.
True friends will hold on forever.
Now our ties are fucking severed.
Track Name: Under That Skin
Keep pushing on my buttons, surfacing this held back rage.
Righteous acts you make mean nothing.
There's no clouding your mistakes.

How can you call this logic?
Valid points aren't being made.
Right or wrong there's no difference,
Soon your integrity will cave.
You have that foul stench,
The part of you that makes me cringe.
Running mouth that never quits.
Words you speak is what makes me sick.

I know your true kind.
You're just like the rest of them.
I see your true colors, under that fucking skin.

Don't act as if you are a friend.
I see who you are under that skin.
Lying, conniving sack of shit.
That's what gets me so fucking pissed.

Under that skin.